Earth’s population keeps on increasing, while the average consumption per person increases as well. People have never demanded a higher amount of Earth’s resources as they do today. Our increasing impact on planet Earth didn’t come without significant changes: Earth’s wildlife population has decreased by 60% since 1970, our atmosphere is heating up and sea levels rise due to our melting polar caps.

Every year more than 8 million tons of plastic trash finds its way to the ocean. Alongside, the worldwide threats and consequences of deforestation keep on increasing. After all of our consumption, we should give back to nature. We want to contribute to a more balanced world in which nature and men can live and thrive together.

This is why we started our company Afero. Our company name is derived from the Latin word for contribute: “affero”. With each product sold, we contribute to a more natural planet Earth. We highly overcompensate the impact we make for producing our product by giving back to nature. In conclusion the net impact we make on nature is not zero, but positive. We do this by donating a substantial percentage of the sold product price to three different Earth-improving organizations:


  1. The Ocean Cleanup

All over the world million tons of plastic trash gather in five immense garbage patches. The biggest one is located between Hawaii and California. Huge amounts of animals – fish, wales, dolfins, turtles, other sea creatures and even birds – suffer fatally because of the existence and circulation of these patches. If not dealt with, these ‘plastic soups’ will directly impact on human life and all other shapes of existence as well.


  1. Plant a Billion Trees

Forests provide essential benefits for our everyday life. They allow us to breath clean air and drink fresh water. They also ‘tame’ climate change and offer homes for numberless species of flora and fauna. Plant a Billion Trees makes sure forests can survive and expand during this generation, and the generations yet to come. Using methods for a new kind of conservation, they renew ecosystems that were once ruined.


  1. WWF for Nature

WWF’s mission is to “conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth”. Their work is divided over six domains: food, climate, fresh water, wildlife, forests and oceans. Within these domains they work on different levels: from saving local species, to educating people into making sustainable choices, to acting upon larger global threats.


For Afero’s mission we feel a powerful connection to The Ocean Cleanup, Plant a Billion Trees and WWF for Nature. There is one thing that these organizations have in common: they fully believe that people are capable to restore their made impact on planet Earth. And so do we. We proudly contribute to their purpose of maintaining a future for nature and people.

Next to supporting these initiatives, we make sure that we only use materials which are produced sustainably. All transports done to get our materials at our production facility and to ship our final product to the customer are carbon neutral.

We generate consciousness by bringing the displays of nature into people's everyday spaces. This reminds people of how beautiful our Earth is, and that we have the responsibility to take good care of it.